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Fire Tests Laboratory




Novel materials are developed through an engineering process. Their composition and manufacturing procedures are determined by other requirements such as mechanical properties, aesthetics, light transmission properties, manufacturing constraints. In this phase, it's important to transfer to the material also flame resistance properties, by adopting "fire retardant" solutions that are strategic for automotive, marine, railways, electric, construction and textiles.


The IMAST fire laboratory offers a multi-disciplinary approach for developing composite materials with improved fire resistance, through skills on thermal and thermo-mechanical modelling, synthesis of new materials and the development of suitable qualification protocols.

IMAST develops new fire retardant composite materials through flammability reduction obtained by slowing down the combustion process. IMAST has thermal and thermo-mechanical numerical modelling capabilities to foresee the behaviour of complex composite structure in presence of fire or heating sources. Thermal and thermo-mechanical modelling capabilities, provide IMAST with a complete set of tools to face the design of composite components/sub-components in fire scenarios.

In the IMAST laboratory it is possible to test fire resistance required by national and international regulations for materials used in the automotive, rail, marine, electrical, building and textiles.

IMAST fire laboratory has numerous and versatile equipments capable of performing both tests according to ISO and able to respond to special needs such as research centers. The activity of IMAST is focused on the definition of procedures for testing throughout a combination of novel tests and standard tests to optimize engineered materials performance and to meet all regulatory criteria.


























Non-Combustibility Apparatus
Non-Combustibility Test
EN ISO 1182
ASTM E 2652
Spread Of Flame   Apparatus (LIFT)
Spread of Flame Test
ISO 5658-2
IMO Resolution A.653(16)
ASTM E 1317
ASTM E 132
Flooring Radiant Panel (FRP)
Horizontal Spread of Flame Test
EN ISO 9239-1
ASTM E 648
ASTM E 970
NFPA 253
Dual Cone
Cone Calorimeter Test
ISO 5660
ASTM E 1354
ASTM E 1474
ASTM E 1740
ASTM F 1550
ASTM D 6113
NFPA 264
BS 476 Part 15
Oxygen Index Apparatus (LOI)
Oxygen Index Test
ASTM D 2863
BS ISO 4589-2
NES 714
Temperature Oxygen Index Apparatus (TOI)
Elevated Temperature Oxygen Index Test
Non-Combustibility Apparatus
Flammability Test
Horizontal Burning Test
UL 94HB (ASTM D 635, IEC 60695-11-10, IEC 60707, ISO 1210)
Vertical Burning Test
UL 94 V-0, V-1, or V-2 (ASTM D 3801, IEC 60695-11-10, IEC 60707, ISO 1210)
Smoke Chamber
Smoke Density Test
ISO 5659 Smoke Density Chamber (Horizontal Test): Conical Radiator Furnace
BS 6401, ASTM E 662, ASTM F814, NFPA 25
Anter Unitherm 2022
Thermal Conductivity
ASTM E 1530










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